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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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"special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. tucker carlson tonight starts right now. no, he doesn't. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" the show that is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, mugness and group think, bullies, heroes of small dogs and children. the thing many of in the country are assessing is how so many of us in the media got is t. so wrong. virtually every person with a high paying job in washington, no, and los angeles demanded that voters not support donald trump for president but they did it anyway. and we never saw it coming. why is that? with us now to unravel the mystery a "new york times" columnist and two-time pull hisser is prize winner nic kristof, latest column 12 steps for voters in despair. thank you for being with us.
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>> >> good to be here. >> 12 steps for voters traumatized by the election. volunteer to fight islamaphobia. join the aclu. donate to planned parenthood. take down sexism and misogyny. sort of all the stations. liberalism. >> no number 13 assess why this happened? think deeply why an event you didn't predict came to pass? why not. >> actually, that is within the 12. one is to get out of our echo chambers and sort of follow up people on twitter and facebook who do not agree with you. make sure that you have friends who disagree with you profoundly because if you have a friend who voted for somebody else. if you are a clinton supporter if you have friends who voted for donald trump it's harder to demonize that person. >> no suggestion why people might have voted for trump. in september had you this piece look who is endorsing. the north korean government, islamic terrorists. it's the clan. klan. american nazi party.
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no room for people decent but economically beleaguered who wanted to support him. >> my hometown i'm from oregon, a farm four miles out of a town of 1,000 people and that town is overwhelmingly pro-trump. and i believe my friends and neighbors there are misguided. i think they are not going to get what they hoped for. but they feel betrayed by the democratic and republican establishment. the economic base of that area used to be manufacturing and logging. and that went away and they feel nobody has been speaking to them and finally trump has spoken to them. >> i don't notice any sympathy for them in your column. if you are writing a column saying people for trump are nazis and clansman and north korean dictators. >> that is opposite. one can't stereotype trump voters than they can anybody else. that was in that column right there. >> wouldn't it be useful to explain why this happened perhaps the frustration of
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the absolute shah rinking over the middle class and heroin epidemic. >> i had that in the first column after the election. >> i read it. >> since 1978 for the bought half of the wealth distribution. male median wages have actually gone down. i think that's a crucial reason. if you are a a male worker, your median wage since 1979 have gone down. >> i'm very aware. i guess what i'm looking for here is empathy. have you traveled all around the world famously to the worse places of the world. darfur. probably much more than modesto or lewiston. i never read a column by you that suggest the people in those places who support dictators oftentimes are racists or bad people. you would never write that about a poor person in the third world but you are implying that about your fellow americans. >> no, i'm not. tucker. if you look at my columns i say it's important not to stereotype trump supporters. i have been taking abuse from my fellow liberals. these are ideas that i believe in very powerfully.
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i also think it's important not to demonize trump voters. >> really? because the american nazi party and the kkk don't really exist in a meaningful. they may have an office or website. they are no not tens of thousands of members. when you tie trump supporters to those groups is a slur. >> no it's not. i think trump is a bigot. i do not think that of his supporters. those supporters are from my hometown. i understand that. i have written about it from my hometown. >> what solutions have you proposed mpleghtsd i think it's hard. i think education has to be at the heart of it. >> they have schools. what does that mean education? >> i think we underfund education for the people who most need it. that essentially affluent people in the new york suburbs get good education. yam hill, i don't think you get good enough education. i think. >> you really think it's all about funding? you think there is evidence of that, social science the more you spend the better result you get. >> complicated and can't
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pour money into a broken system. money levels matter. i also think you need to create jobs, frankly. >> what kind of jobs? >> so, i mean, there is pretty good social science evidence on things like career academies to present the most at risk people and provide them with apprenticeship jobs lead them to a career that saves money over the long term. and this is not an area that i'm not a laborist. >> that's the point i'm making. i'm not trying to be mean. you have written about climate change and thought about the suffering of people in other countries. doesn't seem like you have thought that deeply about the plight of your fellow americans. isn't it always easier for the elites to identify with abstractions or poor people in other countries and kind of ignore their own country men. i have noticed. this have you noticed that? >> i guess i would say two things. i think that is a real problem and i think that there is a problem in journalism that we favor lots of diversity but not economic diversity. >> yeah. >> and that in whether it's fox news or the "new york times" or "the washington
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post, we don't have enough folks who grew up in working class rural communities. >> well, we actually have -- and i definitely don't want you to defend your employer, no one should have to do that but a sincere question. do you know anybody in the "new york times" who is openly pro-life. >> yes, absolutely. >> i do. >> what percentage would you say they are? >> i don't know. but i do -- i would make the point that i have written repeatedly about the working class in yam hill, oregon. >> just out of 13. none of them was, hey, comfortable smug people in the you were west side think about why people would have voted for the guy. that's not one of the prescriptions. give to planned parenthood? >> absolutely. two of them are precisely about that. i have encouraged people to go to ny and read this column and see for yourself. >> you say get out of your bubble. >> i will avoid demonizing people who don't agree with me about this election. recognizing it is wrong. >> just tied them to the
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klan and the nazi party. >> not at all. >> that's completely unfair reading of this. check for yourself. >> nicholas kristof, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you in the lion's den. >> not much of a lion. the world awaits key personnel announcements out of the trump tower. doug mckelway is in midtown, manhattan with the latest on that. doug, what's going on? >> hi, tucker. well, some big things here today and the sign that donald trump is really reaching out to former detractors and the transition team has made a remarkable announcement that donald trump will be meeting with mitt romney at the trump national golf club in new jersey this weekend. apparently mitt romney is up for consideration as secretary of state. and in another sign of the healing that's going on around here, trump just wrapped up his first meeting with a foreign head of state meeting with prime minister shinzo of japan. apparently this meeting
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lasted 90 -- 90 minutes. remember what donald trump said about japan in the campaign. often threatening to yank u.s. military of japan. also accused japan of manipulating currency and also tpp which he favors. prime minister apparently gave as good as it got. he mounted a charm offensive. he sent a message to donald trump immediately after his election victory citing his extraordinary talents. meanwhile, another cattle call here at trump tower today with who's who of movers and shake ares making his way in to seat president-elect. here is sean of rnc. >> you look at that quality -- coming out of this building the last 48 hours alone. you get a sense of what kind of people that are attracted to world leaders. people who are visionaries. fred smith, nikki haley.
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secretary kissinger. senator jeff sessions. admiral mike rogers. these are people of top -- >> and meanwhile the transition team continues to push back hard against reports of distortion. >> i have been on these meetings. i'm on the executive committee. what we are see something a very orderly group of people working on behalf of the american people. >> he has also announced another step forward with the addition of landing teams. these are people with special expertise in government agencies descending on washington. the first team to land there will be the national security landing team with stops at the department of defense, the department of justice. the secretary of state's office and also the national security administration. tucker, back to you. >> well, doug, it's great to see you tonight. thanks a lot. >> well, here's something new. in the past 24 hours, many on the left have stepped up demands that companies like
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facebook, google, and twitter, the companies for from which almost all of your news flows censor fake news. politically counter productive writings should not be allowed, they argue. a point that the chinese authorities have been making for many years. president obama weighed in on the controversy today during a trip abroad to germany completely siding with the censors. watch this. >> if we are not serious about facts and what's true and what's not, and particularly in native social media where so many people are getting their information in sound bites and snippets off their phones, if we can't discriminate between serious arguments an prop go then we have problems. >> lecturing us about
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propaganda. should media giants begin clampinclamping down on information. tatarlov, i will start with you. one person's media another person's fake news have nor control over the information than anybody has ever had in history. going to start deleting things because they think they are quote fake should scare all of us, shouldn't it. >> well, i think that censorship is obviously, we need to take incredibly seriously. >> take seriously meaning we should be against it, right. >> yes. i do believe that i do think we need to make a concerted effort to make sure that we are getting good, real news. >> who is we? >> the american populist. the word populist. even those in china deserve good news that's accurate. what president obama is talking about. first of all is he frustrated and been frustrated throughout the campaign because he has felt
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it's been a factless vortex where donald trump has said things off the cuff and gotten away with it whereas hillary clinton has gotten slammed for all of this. we debated this over and over again and she lost and he won. i get that whether you have people like pete horner this guy now bragging about all the fake news he put out in the election cycle he is responsible for that story that there were protesters paid $3,500 to go to trump rallies. if you look at the link. >> it's internet. >> corey lewandowski did. if people are not being smart about the news they are consuming, we have a problem. >> two tracts here, kristin. one is people didn't know enough to vote for hillary because they are dumb. the president just said. but the idea that facebook or google or twitter could remove things without our knowledge, shouldn't that get us up in arms? >> absolutely. i'm a libertarian and i think we need to let the market decide what is worthwhile and what is not. the actual fake news sites, they will lose credibility and eventually their
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audience. >> when when will alex jones lose credibility? >> there is an audience for alex jones. we need to let everything get posted. otherwise, it's going to be up to facebook or some other institution or worse the government to decide what fake news is. the problem, tucker, is that it is a very slippery slope to define fake news. for example, is a climate change denier promoting fake news? we got to let the people decide. >> of course. >> markets work this kind of governing and sort of censorship does not work and we have got to trust the people. the people are intelligent and markets work. >> it's kind of worked for thousands of years. >> it's a different age though. >> it's a different age. but to get a lecture from a guy who told me right to the tv screen that no, the government did not read my emails. in no capacity read my emails. that was a lie. that the irs was not punishing political enemies. lie. that could go on and on and on for a politician who lies as they all do to lecture me about fake news is just too
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much, no? >> i don't know. listen. >> it's a little much. >> i have a few more days left of barack obama so i'm taking it all in and i'm going to smile about it. >> okay. >> and i understand i totally take your point and i understand the concern about this and getting a lecture about someone about this who an idealogue and select temperaturing. is he going around the world and lecturing about it. but for you to say you are comfortable with fake news getting posted, that that's okay when you know that. >> define fake for me. >> you can't define fake. >> lies, things not true, fake. >> mainstream media blaming conservative media for losing the election, losing credibility and losing readers. their definition of fake news is anything that doesn't align with their leftist agenda. if you look at the blacklist of fake news sites that's being circulated by new york magazine and others. it conservatives all conservative sites and some of them are not fake it includes michelle malkin's twitchy on there, breitbart news. ij review. this is all about conservatives waging -- i'm
4:15 pm
sorry liberals waging wars on conservative media and we would not be having this discussion if hillary lost the election. >> we're are almost out of time. do you really trust the teenage billionaires over at twitter to make these decisions. i would think be suspicious of this level of power. >> i think they are suspicious of it fundamentally. more suspicious of these kinds of stories that are coming out. >> free exchange of ideas that's really scary. >> fake news, you can't pinpoint what it is. it's things that are a lie. like these protesters -- joker also always get called out. that's how the market works. whenever i see my friends post fake news. all the comments below it pointing out it's fake. >> a study was done i think it was nine times more engagement with fake news from facebook than there was from the other 18 real media news outlets like the "new york times." >> the day we allow buzz feed to define what real journalism is the day that i start selling aluminum siding. kristin and jessica, thank you. it's great to see you.
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>> now, it is time for twitter storm. our fightly trip through the social media landscape. it takes to us arizona where actress lena dunham is writing on her post election depression in the rarefied resort city of sedona, of course. the emotionally incontinent clinton supporter has asked the canyon for guidance. whispered some wishes into the big red rock as she copies with donald trump's election. twitter has some thoughts on her escape into the wilderness david tweeted this didn't the rocks guide her to hillary in the first place? damn rocks. jim says the key reason i voted for trump in the first place was so that lena dunham would flee to canada. try going further south into mexico and then you will be out of trump's territory. can i note? none of the people fleeing the country want to go to mexico? they want to go to less diverse places like scandinavia and canada? i don't think they are so in to diversity. just my observation. that's tonight's twitter storm. up next, the refugees
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flooding to germany from the middle east may be proving donald trump right on at least one level. new report about what's going on in refugee camps there and it's ominous. don't miss it. missing ohio student from ohio now being held hostage in north korea. what is the obama administration doing to get him out? here is a hint, absolutely nothing. kimberly guilfoyle here ahead. what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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well, donald trump took a lot of abuse object campaign trail this lastier for suggesting stricter screenings for immigrants and refugees coming to america from the middle east. the smug left denounced him as a bigot. but did he have a point? a new report from an aide
4:20 pm
worker on the scene in germany preaching pure hatred toward christians and hoping to bring islamic rule to that country. an anomaly. here now is terror expert dr. sebastian gorka. are we drawing too many conclusions from this story or is this a representative story, do you think? >> first, can i congratulate you on the show, your ratings and your hair cut. >> all except the last, thank you. >> this is the missing piece of the puzzle that we have been worrying about for the last few years with this inordinate amount of refugee screen going into europe. this is the idea of what some people have called stealth jihad. right now it's only one person but it's a person who has some credibility. why? because she's a former refugee herself. >> yes. >> she is somebody who arrived in 1991 and now decided to give something back by helping her fellow refugees. and if you listen to what she is saying. it's very, very disturbing. tucker. >> so i want to take the
4:21 pm
impulse behind the trump policy prescription seriously whether or not you agree with the details. there is a problem with assimilation of islamic refugees in europe and scandinavia. a real problem. and i think everyone acknowledges that are you familiar, having spent a lot of your life in europe that has successfully large number of refugees and if so how did they do it. >> absolutely. i'm talking about the period when my parents arrived in europe, in london in the u.k. my parents were refugees, tucker. they weren't muslims, but they were taken in off the revolution of 1956. in that period, the 50's, the 60's, and 70's, there was assimilation it doesn't matter whether you came from pakistan, hun hung hung hungary. 20 years of immigration policy where they said everybody's welcome and you don't have to assimilate. you can have bradford become
4:22 pm
a hyper muslim intolerant area. you can have membe brussels boms hang out and recruit their buddies. >> it seems almost suicidal. if you bring people from a culture where hating christians and jews is taught in the schools, do you have some obligation to try to deprogram them when they get to your country, don't you? why don't we do that in the west? >> because there has been this mantra for the last 25 years that all cultures are equal. and as a result, you're not allowed to say hey, you want to be a brit, you want to be a german, this is what it means that became aanathema. the average american knows this is crazy it goes against common sense to say all cultures are equal. i'm sorry, female genital
4:23 pm
mutilation is unamerican. we don't accept it. and i think the average american understands that, too. >> well, it is certainly a crime against women. you think the feminine groups would mention it once a while that would require, in order to ask people to buy in to your values u you would have to believe in your own values, first, don't you. >> didn't you just nail it, tucker? you cannot have a healthy nation unless you embrace the values of the nation. for america, it's the founding principles of our founding fathers. in the u.k. it's the magna car attachment in germany it's tutonic nights, whatever. if you can't embrace your history, then you will lack the antibodies to deal with people who want to subvert your culture. >> that's really smart and obvious but thank you for saying it. no one else does. dr. gorka, thank you for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure. >> there is another story -- it looks like louis farrakhan and one of his
4:24 pm
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>> here's another story the press ought to be all over but isn't. a university of virginia student. 21-year-old was sentenced to
4:28 pm
15 years of hard labor for quote hostile acts against the democratic people's repub whether i can of north korea. translation he stole a political prop began da post tore keep as a souvenir in january on a school trip. what, if anything is being done by the u.s. government to bring him hoping. >> with us now the old friend co-host of the five and old around is he vanity kimberly guilfoyle, ladies and gentlemen. obviously you have legal background and worked for the government as a prosecutor. american citizen being held hostage, nobody ever mentioned it. why isn't the president giving prime time address about this or pushing the chinese. >> this is the problem we have seen the last 8 years with this administration very little effort to rectify outrageous wrongs like. this this is an american citizen. we should be devoting every resource possible to get him back to safety and to this country. can you imagine the feeling if he must have of being abandoned by his country like he doesn't matter? we're more concerned about keeping illegals in than getting our citizens back to. me it's just really unbelievable.
4:29 pm
>> that right there the word citizen is the key. i have covered a bunch of these. sometimes facts a little sketchy not sure what happened. the country claims he was a spy. who knows this kid was not a spy. he didn't do anything wrong. nothing weird here. he took a poster off the wall as college kids do. that being an american citizen doesn't get you anything. >> doesn't get you much safety and security to be able to know that they would fight for your liberty and freedom and bring you back to this country. it's appalling because i will tell you it's a big difference between what's done in this administration and what would be done in past administrations and president trump administration wouldn't be tolerated and wouldn't be paying out money to iran and doing bad deals with them like we have been doing. unbelievable. >> it is weird this exexstingive. stand up for our own allies and in this case children. it also seems like what a coupe would it be. how would it be for the state department to say to
4:30 pm
china. fix this. like do it now. okay, we're demanding. this then the president can announce we sprung this kid. this hostage. why not do that. >> you would think it would be such a positive. number one, it's the right thing to do. >> right,exactly. >> number two it would look good. so maybe they care about that. instead, like too busy. people like this that are forgotten that are expendable to this administration. and that shouldn't be the case. if you are an american citizen and in harm's way regardless of where you are in the world, you should be made whole and brought back. >> exactly. >> and be safe. like resources should be committed. >> and what a shock to find out you're not. i'm much older than you. when i was a kid traveling abroad. you thought if you got in trouble i'm an american. it's not an license to break the law. insurance that somebody is going to protect. >> you be there to bring you back and make sure you're safe. not going to be the victim of international injustice and locked in a prison and
4:31 pm
forgotten and treated horribly and beaten and humiliated and left behind like you don't matter. that, to me, is appalling. we have seen multiple examples of this over the past 8 years that are just who are represent dust to pee me. i wouldn't pay iran a dime unless they gave hostages back. the whole thing is to me is sending the wrong message internationally. is telling others around the world that american lives don't matter. >> yeah. telling us that i'm canceling my spring break to damascus this year because it's not worth it. >> kimberly guilfoyle, great to see you. >> congrats on the show. >> well, sanctuary city funding may be on the chopping block under a president donald trump. mayors in some of those cities have vowed to continue sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. not surprisingly mayor of chicago rahm emanuel is one of those voices but rationale is surprising. listen to this. >> chicago in the past has been a sanctuary city took
4:32 pm
executive order and made it an ordinance to be clear about what chicago is. it always will be a sanctuary city. to all those after tuesday's election very nervous. filled with anxiety has been spoken to. you are safe in chicago. you are secure in chicago. and you are supported in chicago. >> your safe and secure in chicago. that may be something of an overstatement. so far this year, 2016, there have been 643 murders in that city and many thousands, thousands of shootings, rapes, and robberies. it's one of the highest crime rates in america. the good news is mayor emanuel will find a way to keep illegal immigrants safe because they are too important. not like citizens that have lived here for generations. ♪ ♪ >> all right. what's next? it's a question we plan to answer regularly on a bunch of topics. tonight it means what's next
4:33 pm
for the democratic party because before last week's election virtually everybody predicted it would be republicans in a death spiral, civil war. pick your cliche. of course, the opposite happened and the rest of us are still trying to figure out what that mean. is it keith ellison's party now? with us now is democratic strategist and deep insider julie. >> deep insider. >> i don't want to pile on probably the most liberal guy in the house. a former protege of louis farrakhan's. not a mainstream character. gotten the public endorsement of harry reid the outgoing senate majority leader and then chuck shuman the would be senate majority leader. what does that tell us. >> not much. the party is in disarray. they are trying to find their way. keith elson represents one wing of the party. chuck schumer represents a different wing of the party despite the fact he endorsed them. two schools of thought. one school of thought do what mitch mcconnell did
4:34 pm
wanted to make barack obama a one-term president. priority as majority leader. it's the same priority potentially for chuck schumer to say i'm going to donald trump every step of the way. you work with donald trump when you can on infrastructure spend chicago think democrats would be behind him on. i'm not so sure about conservative republicans. i don't want a dime on construction spending. oppose him on this muslim registry i will register as a muslim tomorrow if they start doing that. >> obviously won't come. >> let's be totally real. savor the irony for one second. chuck schumer, harry reid spent the last year in every sentence telling us donald trump is a racist and bigot. they just endorsed a guy who is supporting the nation of islam and louis farrakhan. can we at least pause and say wow? no? >> well, as i said, donald trump has his way of keith elson might be on that muslim registry so he might have his vengeance. >> the autopsy is not
4:35 pm
complete. we are trying to figure out what happened. you got to think identity politics which hillary clinton doubled down on. i'm the first woman, et cetera. didn't really work. actually. and maybe it's a dead end that leads to tribalism in the end. do you see the party, democratic party pivot toward economic populism instead, do you think? >> there is two options. one is economic populism. like bernie sanders. other is say didn't come out for hillary clinton. that coalition may potentially come out for the next democratic nominee whoever that person may be. so that is the intention of the democratic party now. i don't have the answer for that yet. that's what they will be working through. third option a little of both. say we need to address the concerns of millennials and minorities who stayed home. we need to make sure that they understand as latinos might who voted more for donald trump than they did for mitt romney that there issues may not be represented why this president. but a lot of it will also depend on what trump does.
4:36 pm
lock, trump has an opportunity now. trump can do things like infrastructure spending, which i think would attract a lot of democratic support. attract the support of working class people who want to work on those projects, union labor people or side with the republicans who don't want to spend an extra time and potentially not do that. >> he has made it really clear. last question, quickly. >> yes. >> democrats have lost historically number of seats under this president. not just in federal seats but in the state houses. they don't control anything, really. >> um. >>um that's obama who did that. >> yeah. >> is anybody saying that out loud in the democratic party. >> a lot of people saying that. >> i haven't heard anybody say that. >> obama is saying that because obama is doing something that is very important which is he is going to focus on getting back the state houses. that's where districting comes. in congressional districts are determined by people in the statehouse. make sure we get the legislators in place do redistricting and get the house back. >> i wouldn't put obama in charge of it. >> he and eric holder. they might have something up their sleeves.
4:37 pm
>> great to see you. >> how are vladimir putin and president-elect donald trump get along. be friends as promised. anti-putin activist joins us next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> he says great things about me. i'm going to say great things about him. i'm not going to tell putin what to do. why should tell putin what to do. he called me a genius. he said trump's a genius. okay. that's okay. that's not going to persuade me one way or the other. wouldn't it be wonderful if we could work on it together and knock the hell out of isis? >> one question that came out of the 2016 election what would u.s. russia relations look like when it was over. trump said nice thing about putin in the past. today president obama gave mr. trump some advice while speaking in germany. >> my hope is that the president-elect coming in takes a sim similarly
4:42 pm
constructive approach, finding areas where we can cooperate with russia, where our values and interests align but that the president-elect also is willing to stand up to russia where they are deviating from our values and international norms. with us is one of the most famous chess players in history and long time putin activists. gary, thanks for joining us: i don't think anyone disagrees with putin is a authoritarian. >> dictator. >> is he a dictator. why should human rights abuses within russia dictate our posture toward russia. >> i hope that president trump will not continue president obama policy with russia because it was disaster. for eight years putin from leader to dictator. forget russia for a moment. if you don't want to talk about human rights and democracy which i think is a mistake. look at the russian
4:43 pm
neighbors and middle east. putin is a dictator who made his aggressive foreign policy agenda the core of prop began da. whether you want to make friends with putin he still has to survive. only item on his agenda. to survive in russia when economy is in trouble and it's not going to improve any time soon, so he is relying heavily, maybe exclusively on confrontation with the united states and the free world. and u.s. president is priority. now another chance. if president trump decides to sort of go for grand bargain, putin big opportunity for reshape the map and to throw away all the limitations and restrictions imposed in europe on after world war ii. i think it could be huge mistake. if instead of reassuring our american allies, donald trump start courting putin.
4:44 pm
>> here is how i think president-elect trump sees it. who is the biggest threat to him islamic extremist. >> that's wrong. >> what's the way trump see its. the greatest threat to the united states -- >> putin is not fighting extremists. let's not fool ourselves. putin has been syria's opponents. make sure that his krohny, his client, the butcher bashar al assad stays in power. by the way, supporting putin or aliving with putin in the region means propping up assad who said trump could be a likely ally. assad views president-elect as potential ally. but by the way it will help iran. and iran is another threat. and i think it will be very difficult to reconcile two items on the agenda. to curve iranian ambitions and at the same time propping up assad regimes.
4:45 pm
>> americans say wait a second assad clearly a bad guy joins putin in that but also fighting a series of wars. >> he is not fighting extremism. let's not mislead your audience. nothing to do with isis. some also bad guys but ice is being fight by kurds, by iraqis, supported by americans. maybe some of tuckers were behind it. but neither putin or assad fought them. >> so, i mean, it's unfair, you think, to see assad as a secular leader who kept a multireligious society together. >> every dictator in our world for some time could have these different ethnic groups together. it's a new world. and the greatest threat to american interest is the collapse of the traditional alliance. now instead of looking at middle east. by the way, american military doing a good job by pushing isis. i think the world will be
4:46 pm
won fairly soon. president trump look at nato. make sure poland and allies by the way across pacific japan and south korea they are reassured that america is still a leader in the freedom. >> i think that's a good point. mr. cass trof, thank you for joining us. really interesting. up next, megyn kelly live on the set. you'll have to keep watching to find out what that segment is about. don't go away. its routine. rocket mortgage by quicken loans is just as precise... but it only requires a few minutes of your time. now, you can securely share your financial information with the push of a button, giving you an accurate and custom mortgage solution without missing a beat. [drum line sfx: rocket] quicken loans. proud supporter of college athletics. [sfx: rocket (whisper)] ♪
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♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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>> each night near the end of the show we plan to bring you a segment called the friend zone where we invite one of our friends within the building here on fox news onto the set. this night we are honored to have megyn kelly host of the kelly file and the author of the brand new book "settle for more." i'm glad to have you here.
4:50 pm
>> imexcited to be here. congratulations. >> your book is everywhere and good. >> hopefully. >> i was thinking today, i mean, this has been an amazing journey for you. you were a lawyer in washington. well-regarded lawyer and now, you know, you are one of the most famous people in america, honestly. >> wow. >> it's true though. what's that like? >> i don't know. i don't think of myself like that. honestly, to this day and i talk about this in the last chapter "settle for more." when i walk down the street and people look at me. do i have something in my teeth? why are people looking at me? i'm not used to people recognizing me yet. i also live on the you were midwest side of manhattan and work for fox news. those two things could be connected. i didn't get into well it unor fame. took a job that paid $17,000 a year because it would change my levee. that's what you do when you smack into the bring wall of unhappiness. that's why i wrote the book. we have great jobs now and i
4:51 pm
have a team of people that does this to me. i used to have a much different life and i used to be a much unhappier person. and i resolved that i could just do better. i just got really honest with myself and did a gut check. i feel like everybody needs to be reminded that they can do that too. even if they feel stifled where they are, and they feel less than fulfilled. and it's not complete unhappiness but it's just a malaise, can you change your life. just make different decisions and then you have to work your -- off. >> what was the pointed where you realized that you succeeded at what you sought to do? >> getting my first full-time tv job offer was thrilling. so i worked part time for abc affiliate in d.c. and then they made me a full-time offer and i realized i could leave the law permanently and then i applied to fox news and i got my full-time offer here. that was really exciting in terms of like success in this industry? >> yeah. when did you feel like you know what? i wanted to do this and now i've done it. >> when they paired me with
4:52 pm
hemmer for america's newsroom. they created this show for us. this is all outlined in the book. you will love this. if you watch fox news which obviously do you. it's got a lot of fun stories about fox news hemmer is one of my favorite. >> oh. >> east oh, yeah. >> did f. you don't like hemmer. something wrong with you. if you don't get along with hemmer, it's you. such a nice men. they paired me with him. launched america's newsroom a success right from the beginning. the numbers popped right from the start people loved that product and still do. and it takes you right through from there forward. that's the first time i realized i can do. i got this. >> what happens when you go back to where you grew up, albany and to your high school classmates? what do they say? >> they're so sweet. honestly i just had a tender moment. can i tell you something tender that just happened. in the book i write about being very badly bull idea seventh grade girl for almost the entire year and it was brutal. my mom would say to me you will all you need is one. just need one friend. because i had been very
4:53 pm
popular but the entire group turned on me. she was right. at the end of the year, this lovely girl named heather shepard came and sat next to me in the lunchroom. and invited me to come over and we listened to quiet riot. and before i knew i had two because she brought another friend. in and i feel to this day so grateful to this woman. i don't really still keep in touch with her. i saw her when i went home which is what made me think of it to my school. i was being inducted into the hall of fame, bethlehem central. perhaps you have heard of it. i'm sure you saw the coverage. which was actually really exciting, i have to tell you. anyway, she was there. and i just thought to myself there she is, showing up again when i kind of need her. you know how that happens when you reconnect with people. >> of course. >> who once had real importance in your life. she just got the book and she called my mom, because they are all both still in albany and she said tell her she helped me, too. >> that's so nice. >> which i never knew. >> what about the villains in this story?
4:54 pm
you are now at a news organization you could marshall the resources to find every bully from seventh grade and find out what they are doing now. you have done that? >> i believe that forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. there may be others who get residual benefits once you do. the bullies are on that list. >> i think that's a really deep point. megyn kelly, thank you for coming on. congratulations on the book which is shooting to the top. >> you are kicking butt. >> i wanted you to know what was the most pom pompous thing u heard our day in pomposity. you sent a ton of answers. thatc segment next. >> when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. (sighs sadly) try this. only aleve can stop pain for 12 hours. plus, aleve is recommended by more doctors than any other brand for minor arthritis pain.
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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yeahashtag "stuffy nose."old. hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. drum roll please we present today in pomposity. we asked you to tell us the most remarkably palm pus thing you have heard recently and you responded in first. obama saying people believe he has done a pretty good job. can you imagine.
4:59 pm
notice he says that in another country. sam says i saw a college president say the government can't tell them what to do with sanctuary campuses. as if the government doesn't pay for virtually every college in america and they do. brent hall writes this it's a tough question to answer. but i'm sure it was between 7 and 8 during "tucker carlson tonight." fair enough. try to keep my pomposity under control. if i'm not succeeding tweet me or email. tomorrow by the way we start you choose the news. that's where we ask you what stories we ought to be covering that we aren't. send us email or tweet us at tucker carlson email is outtucker hope to get back tomorrow night friday night for another show. o'reilly is up next. be sure to watch that thanks a lot. ♪ ♪
5:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. a very busy day for the trump presidential transition team. earlier this evening president-elect donald trump wrapped up a meeting with japanese prime minister at trump tower. trump's first inperson meeting with a foreign leader since the election. a short time ago i spoke with trump transition senior advisor kellyanne conway about all the latest developments in the transition. >> so the news for me today, wow, -- opening. mitt rom will meet with the


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